Is It Necessary To Switch To Led Headlights In 2020?


In this prosperous era, everyone's life is rich and colorful. Not only satisfied with food and clothing, but also spiritually needed. Is it necessary to replace LED headlights in a year of such a special epidemic as the 2020 epidemic? The answer is: of course it is better. Because LED lights have higher brightness, small footprint, modified design, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life. Of course, there is another disadvantage that the price is more expensive. This depends on the actual situation of the individual. Of course, it is the best to be able to change, and travel safety is the most important.

In today's automotive afetermarket, high-end models generally use LED headlights or xenon headlights, and even laser headlights. However, most low-end models still use halogen lamps as the light source of automotive rear lights. So what is the difference between these halogen headlights, LED headlights, xenon headlights and laser headlights? Is it necessary to change the model of halogen headlights to LED headlights at the end?

What is the difference between a halogen lamp, LED backlight, xenon lamp and laser headlight? how to choose? What should be paid attention to?

In fact, halogen lamps add halogen gas on the basis of previous incandescent lamps to extend the service life of tungsten filaments. Halogen lamp lighting uses halogen filaments to illuminate. First, electrical energy is converted into heat energy, and then converted into light energy for lighting, which consumes a lot of energy. The light from a halogen lamp is usually yellow. Halogen lamps have the advantages of strong penetrability, low price, and convenient replacement, but their disadvantages are low brightness and short service life. Generally installed on domestic cars or low-profile models.

LED lights can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, white and other colors of light. LED lights are also called light-emitting diodes (LED), because they can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, so the energy conversion efficiency is as high as 90%. Cars usually use white, yellow, and red lights. The headlights are usually started with white light, the turn signals are yellow, and the taillights are red. LED lights have the advantages of high brightness, small footprint, modified design, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life. However, LED lighting has high technology content and complex manufacturing, so it is expensive, and it is generally installed on high-profile or luxury vehicles.

Xenon headlights are also called hid gas discharge lamps. The structure of the lamp is a long quartz glass tube filled with high-pressure inert gas, which can emit light. After being energized, it forms a super arc and emits light. The brightness of the xenon lamp is very high, making people feel like looking directly at the sun. The light emitted by the xenon lamp is also white, but gradually turns yellow. Compared with halogen lamps, xenon lamps have the advantages of low power, high brightness and strong penetrating power. However, the disadvantage is that the xenon lamp is delayed for two or three seconds when it starts, and then it lights up in two or three seconds. Secondly, compared with LED lights, their service life is shorter, and the need to replace the bulb at the end is a big expense.

The light source of the laser headlamp is a laser diode and a light emitting diode (LED) almost simultaneously. The open space of laser diodes is higher, and commercial applications are a little later than LEDs. Laser headlights have most of the advantages of LED headlights. Compared with LED backlights, laser headlights have higher illuminance, smaller size and higher energy saving. Especially in rainy and foggy days, the penetration is better, and the irradiation distance (over 600 meters, 300 meters for traditional LED) is more advantageous. High cost and complex manufacturing process have become the biggest problems restricting the development of laser headlamps.

In fact, many car owners have replaced halogen bulbs with LED bulbs. They just feel that the halogen bulb is not bright enough. Therefore, it is understandable to replace them with LED lights. The more famous led brands are Philips led, Osram led, Xinpa led, APA led, etc. Of course, the final replacement is the owner's own, and the exceeding content is for reference only.

For travel safety, it is natural to change the LED light is the best choice, high brightness. The lighting is good when driving, which is more conducive to driving. When you drive home from get off work, you are already a little bit tired. If you add in the fact that the lights are not so bright, you have to spend more energy. In order to enable us to drive comfortably and safely, recommending LED lights is the most sensible choice. I hope that the majority of car owners will put their health first and travel safely!

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